Briefly in English

Tuomo Liljenbäck

The main themes of my campaign are environment, science, and economy. These three themes are very important for the future. Finland needs more MPs who understand science and technology. The society must be ready for the changes that advances in science will bring. In the future, many of the current issues can be fixed with the help of science and technology.

I want Finland to be a truly modern information society. I want to develop the use of scientific knowledge and research in the decision-making process, and to speed up the economic development of Finland with the help of pure technology, renewable energy, and high caliber know-how. I want more education, more understanding, more enabling democracy, and more open government, for those are the key elements of a more accepting, peaceful, and better world.

I am a 35-year-old man, who enjoys heavy music, taking care of his cats, and participating in the social media. I first became a Green politician in 2005 when I was chosen into the student union council of the University of Turku. Currently I serve as the chairperson of the local Green Party association (Turun seudun vihreät). I am also a member of the secondary education section of the education board of Turku. I have extensive experience in working in and for student organizations and university administrations.

If you want to know more about me and my politics, please feel free to contact me!